Rules at the Review The News Forum

To begin with, the Review The News Forum attracts people from all backgrounds around the world and everyone is welcome.
With this in mind, we will not agree on everything.
So, we have a few rules and guidelines in place to allow things to run that little bit smoother.
Obviously, we are strict on some but not others.
However, if you stay legal that should be enough to keep you right.
But, at the end of the day, rule one should cover the lot really.
In other words, use common sense.

General Rules or Guidelines

01) You are fully responsible for all your posts so think before you post.
02) Indeed, you must stay within the law when you post at The Review The News Forum and associated blogs.
03) All members must remain civil to others on the forum and also you must not humiliate another member in any way.
04) Obviously, we are a news website so no porn or links to porn are permissible.
05) We also don't allow any extreme images, including links to extreme sites.
06) All forum staff have the final say, so please do not argue with them.
07) Obviously, try and stay away from one word answers just to increase your post count.
08) Large scripts of copy and paste are not allowed except where appropriate.
09) By joining the forum you also agree that you will abide by the rules and check for updates regularly.

Obviously we would like you to call back often and contribute often.
Indeed, our ranking system rewards those who do post regularly.
Therefore, bookmark us and call back often - have your say!
Finally, enjoy your stay at the Review The News Forum.